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The current Collective Agreement between the University of Guelph Faculty Association and the University of Guelph expires on June 30, 2021. Please follow this link Collective Agreement.  If there are any discrepancies between this copy and the signed copy, the signed copy will prevail.

The Collective Agreement is a legally binding document between the University of Guelph Faculty Association and the University Administration. The UGFA, as the sole bargaining agent of Faculty, Librarians, and Veterinarians at the UofG, negotiates the terms and conditions set out in the Collective Agreement.



The purpose of this Agreement is to:

  1. set out terms and conditions of employment for Members;
  2. foster a working environment which enables Members to achieve the objectives and goals of the university;
  3. foster and maintain collegial relations within the University of Guelph community;
  4. ensure the fair and equitable treatment of Members through open and transparent procedures and practices;
  5. provide a menas for settling differences which may arise from time to time between the University and the Association.


Last updated April 16, 2015

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