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Teaching Award Winners - 2010 - Present

The teaching awards are intended to provide tangible recognition for excellent contribution toward teaching and learning, broadly defined. Individuals may be nominated for an UGFA teaching award on the basis of excellent performance in various areas of teaching:


Teaching Award Winners 2010

 Distinguished Professor Award

 Special Merit Award

 James Kirkland - CBS
 John Russon - COA
 Robert Foster - OVC
 Ian Spears - CSAHS
 Michael Hoy - CME
 Sean Kelly - OAC
 Karen Gordon - CPES
 Denise Mohan - COA



Teaching Award Winners 2011

 Distinguished Professor Award

 Special Merit Award

 Stephen Powell - COA
 Paul McNicholas - CPES
 Joe Barth - CME
 Jacqueline Murray - COA
 Steve Gismondi - CPES


Teaching Award Winners 2012

 Distinguished Professor Award

 UGFA Service Award

 Jay Lampert - COA
 Evie Adomait - CME
 John Dawson - CBS
 Jack Trevors - OAC
 Brad Hanna - OVC
 Thom Hermann,
 Retired, Psychology


Teaching Award Winners 2013

 Distinguished Professor Award

 Andrew Sherwood - COA
 Pavneesh Madan, OVC
 Elizabeth Kurucz, CME
 Dan Meegan - CSAHS
 Jeremy Balka - CPES
 Gregoy Bedecarrats - OAC


Teaching Award Winners 2014

 Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching

 Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Innovation

Marc Coppolino, CBS
Margot Irvine, COA

Martin Williams, CPES

Mavis Morton, CSAHS


Teaching Award Winners 2015

 Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dan Gillis, CPES

Shoshannah Jacobs, CBS

Tanya Mark, CBE

Vern Osborne, OAC

Karen Racine, COA

David Walters, CSAHS

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